Any good books on eBay selling?

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8 Nov 06 04:05:08 am
Has anyone found any particularly helpful books about starting up an eBay business?

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8 Nov 06 08:21:06 pm
We have a full series of online videos coming soon and it will be very cheap for SaleHoo members (some free samples too ;) )

Stay tuned!

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10 Nov 06 05:26:16 am
You can try ebay for dummies. Most books of that type are very informative. But the best way to learn is from trial and error.

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11 Nov 06 05:05:31 am
Has anyone tried Chris Malta's book 'What to sell on eBay and where to get', or is it just stuff compiled together from his website?

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12 Nov 06 10:08:35 pm
Chris Malta's book does have some valuable tips - he has a lot of experience dealing with wholesalers - so it's definitely worth a read. However, in my opinion, you can find information that is just as helpful from reading the eBay forums and other lively ones such as this one :wink:

Books are great reference points, but I advise checking the publication date when reading a book about anything on the Internet including eBay: anything older than a year or two will be out of date.



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