Anyone had any luck with other Auction Sites besides Ebay???

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13 Jan 07 02:21:12 pm
Although; I have made money selling on Ebay, the fees are killing me and Paypal is extremely difficult at times. I know this website is pro Ebay, but I'm sure there has to be some other sites out there for selling.

If you have any luck with other Auction sites, please post your response.

Thanks in advance!

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14 Jan 07 01:59:58 pm
I am using U-bid. Last month I had approx
3500 in sales. They don't charge a fee for listing and you can use (4) pictures.... They get good traffic because they have a TV commercial....Here's the bad part, they collect the money for you and pay you every 15 days.....thats the bad part because when I sell something I expect my money rightaway Or at least within a couple of days.

Any other Auction site simply suck...I've tried them all...lack of traffic....

Ebay is getting too expensive but have the best system bar-none....I hope that changes but for now I doing both...

That's my input
John (bacpro)

J Baca

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17 Jan 07 08:18:38 pm
I also agree that is an alternative to ebay. However ubid just doesn't have the traffic as ebay does.

You will find that ubid has less competition though for selling goods.


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