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26 Apr 08 06:25:08 am

I was hoping some people could point me in the direction of a good piece of auction searching software. Something where you can add unlimited searches and include buy it now in your searches. I have looked at a bunch of the free ones and most only have from 20-100 searches that you can save and use at one time. I need a lot more than that unfortunately. I really only need it for ebay, but if it also could do searches on amazon or some of the others that would be a plus but it isn't mandatory. It doesn't need to be free. But if there are some that some of you have used and recommend that would be great. I did some research and found some reviews but you really never know if those are people that did use it or something promoting a product so I am hoping for some first hand experience.


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26 Apr 08 11:21:04 pm
I myself prefer 'hammertap' for researching auction items. It covers most of the major auction sites and is very in depth...


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