Auction vs Buy it Now (success stories)

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9 Aug 10 02:10:36 pm
Hi All,

I have been doing a lot of research trying to figure out which way i want to go with startin my new E-bay business. I have been watching several auctions in a variety of categories that interest me.

What I seem to be finding is those operating a store front who have buy it nows mixed with starting bids do not seem to be selling their products. Maybe that is misleading, just an observation.

It seems like the best thing to do on ebay is a real pure auction, almost everyone of them sells, but maybe people are not even breaking even as some things sell cheap? I am working on building my rating by purchasing small items here and there that I need, I have made some great deals, but I also know now if the sellers got there items from liquidators even selling it as cheap as they are they are making money.

What are your opinions? What have your experiences been? I would also love to hear anyones success stories of how all of this worked for you?

I am excited to get started. I have about two more weeks before I plow forward.



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9 Aug 10 09:32:57 pm
Hi Kristina,

Glad to have you here. :)

I think the auction style gets the most traffic in general, primarily because that’s what the market is for, people strive to get the lowest price for an item and try to beat others to it.

What’s best would really depend on several variables – the actual item, the seller’s feedback rating, the category of the item, etc.

For high priced items I would have to list in buy it now with best offer, and if I don’t have time to decline ridiculous low offers I auto decline. This is just for something I wouldn’t want to sell auction style as I nailbite. =) Then to get traffic, I start another item on auction style, something related keeping in mind that I am attracting people with the same interest, and to start that item for 0.99, just to get free exposure and to be able to ask potential buyers to ‘look at my other items’.

There’s also the auction with reserve , but for some reason I get frustrated as a buyer with this kind of listing.

Pay attention to the fees though, otherwise it won’t be fun. :)

But wait, SaleHoo's recent newsletter states that, and I copy paste,

"The perfect price must be high enough so that you are not losing money and low enough to lure people into bidding for it. Ultimately, it should send the message that you are serious about selling the item and that you are a reasonable seller offering a great deal (remember that a great deal can be about service and/or product selection just as much as price!)."

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Kind regards,



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