Australian Stamps 4 Sale!!! Wholesale!!! Big $$$

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18 Jun 08 02:17:43 am
Ok, now i dont know if any of you out there have ever sold any postage stamps (collectible) online but they are a good way to earn yourself some good profits.
Granted it is quite difficult to find a supplier of stamps that will earn you money worth your valuable time but i have just the solution, available exclusively to Salehoo members only! I have a very large quantity of Australian and asian stamps that I am willing to part with at wholesale prices...Now if you dont believe me, go to ebay, and type in 'Sydney 2000 Olympic stamp'. You will see some of the same stamps that I am willing to sell to you. Aside from that some of you may know people that are stamp collectors themselves that would be glad to pay good money for some very collectible stamps. You may be asking ' why is this guy willing to sell me stamps that will easily make me money?' The answer is simple...Time...I have made enough money selling the stamps that I can go into other products that are of more interest to me...That is a big part of successful selling...Having a passion for your product. But sometimes you just have to tough it out and go were the money is until you can afford to take a risk in something that you have more interest in. Now this is definetly not for everyone but for some of you, it is. If you are interested, please feel free to PM me at your earliest convience. First come first serve. I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael J. :)

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30 Jul 08 10:26:14 pm
This offer is still open.

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30 Jul 08 11:42:47 pm
This offer is still open.

I would suggest that you establish yourself as a registered seller here at Salehoo if you are wanting to sell items to members.

Registration is free, just PM Jimmy for details.

Mark (fudjj)

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31 Jul 08 12:31:01 am
Yes its not very easy for anyone to take you too seriously unless you have the support of a salehoo staff member or you are a registered seller.

To sign up to sell on the forum please follow these instructions:

1) Please email the following information to: Link hidden: Login to view

- Your Name & Business Name
- Your Full Address
- Your Telephone Number
- Your Email Address
- A Product List of the items you wish to sell on SaleHoo.
- References (for example: eBay Account, Company Paperwork, Trade References, etc)
- A scanned/photocopy of a current drivers license, passport, or other identity confirming document.

Registering is 100% free

Note: Memberships are subject to being approved before you are allowed to sell on the forum.

2) After your details have been received your selling account should be activated (upon confirmation of security checks) within 2-3 business days. Please ensure that you read the forum rules and selling rules before signing up to be a seller.

Once again thank you for joining us as a registered seller and please feel free get in touch if you have any complications, questions, or need assistance with your membership applications.

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