Banned on eBay - Need your advice

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10 Jul 12 05:28:01 pm
My account was banned from ebay due to some unfortunate shipping issues from the manufacturers stand point. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to get it reactivated or to create a new account?

Is there anyone else this has happened to? Advice?

I tried creating a new account but it gets linked back to my old account. Is there a way around this?

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10 Jul 12 07:52:28 pm
eBay's initial move is to suspend an account for 30 days, so are you sure your account has actually been cancelled or is it in the suspension phase?

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11 Jul 12 03:43:19 am
Hi Confusedmonky13,

Unfortunately there is no way around it, but some have been able to get their accounts back after getting in touch with eBay and complying with their requirements (although, this does not happen all the time)

Circumventing your suspension by opening or starting another account under a false name would be useless, eBay has ways of linking accounts.

You might want to check out this Link hidden: Login to view, there are lots of really helpful tips.

Hope this helps!


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