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Beginning an E Commerce site

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2 Jul 07 08:10:39 pm
I looking to start an e commerce website in which I won't have to carry any ivetory at all. I would like to be able to display the product online and order the product and form a drop shipper as the orders come in and make proceeds of a profit off of the differnce. I would like to be able to offer all types of diffent products. I am mostly interested in name brand clothing, electronics, computer products, DVD,s, I am also interested in sporting good products. Any help would be appricated Thanks

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3 Jul 07 12:12:40 am
This topic below may help you.

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3 Aug 07 05:51:11 am
First, pick one category of products. Sites that try to sell everything do not do well (unless you're WalMart or Amazon).

Second, electronics, computer gear, and DVDs are difficult to sell profitably online. The markup on these items is usually very small to begin with. Then you're usually up against major players who can buy in bulk and sell cheap. Most buyers in these markets are buying on price.

Third, look for products with a high markup - be sure to compare against real prices you can find online - not the MSRP since almost nobody sells for that price. I usually like to see a minimum of 30%. This gives me room to run special deals. There are alot of products that will give you keystone markup (100%). Jump on those.


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3 Aug 07 04:35:58 pm
I recommend you first start with a free
website. Try to generate traffic to
the site and if its successful then
go for a paid hosting service..

Because if you set up a site and are
paying monthly fees and you don't have
traffic you might as well go open
a store in outer space....

Most people think that just because
they have a website that they going to
make a ton of dough....The reality
is that it don't happen that easy.

I have a e-crater store and in the three
months that I've had it sold (1) item...

Google ads words is costing and arm & leg
and no sales...it takes a long time to start
making money....

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J Baca
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3 Aug 07 07:52:26 pm
The best way for you to create your online store is Oscommerce for sure!

That's the best open source online store. Totally free and powerful!

It's very easy for any one to use it to set up.

For hosting company, I recommend lunarpages.com
The customer service is brilliant

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6 Aug 07 07:54:00 pm
Yes OsCommerce is definitely the way to go because it's free and there is a lot of support and add on things you can get done for your site.

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28 Sep 07 05:58:15 pm
I can hook you up with a version of OSCmax and host it for $2.99/month if you'd like. You can see my modified version of OSCMax at Link hidden: Login to view

Send me a message via our 'Contact Us' link at favhost.com and message this post if you're interested.

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