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12 Feb 07 08:04:35 am
I am actually the largest/most profitable seller in my category on Ebay.....I held 21% of the market last year with an average of 261 sellers/competitors. My point is....this is the 3rd idea I have made money with on Ebay. Each one of them had something in common. The product I was selling was something I was either already doing or already interested in before I had the idea to try and make money with it.

If you look at the people who are making a lot of money in the is people who are making money in what they are interested in. Not always....and there are many exceptions....but most of the time. If you hate your many times do you come home from work and try to figure out ways to improve the business you work for? My guess is never. If your a sports many times are you sitting around talking about sports? No, I'm not saying you can make money from talking about what you enjoy but if you are trying to make money in what you are already interested will put soooooo much more effort into it.

Its worked for me.....just takes times and keep your eyes wide open. Next time you drive down the road....look on both sides and see how many people have businesses making money.

With my last and most profitable Ebay business I started with a single goal....'I'm going to enjoy myself' and I have and the money has followed.

I've been semi-rich and very poor in my life. The money gave me never made me happy.

Just my two cents.

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12 Feb 07 01:03:52 pm
Sydni816 what are you selling on ebay? Can you give us your username? Thanks

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12 Feb 07 03:45:22 pm
I think most people always go into a business with something they have an interest in .I have owned 2 business one was a Sports Cards business and the last was in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry and last year was the worst year i have had 10 years and i worked just as hard ,sometimes things are just beyond our control ...The thing to remember is when you are driving down the road is- where there is a business does not always mean there is a profit -for every small business starting up there is usually one shutting down ......Also Sales and Profit are 2 different things and without spread sheets or tax forms you cannot know what someones profit is .JMO -GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!


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