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Best places to sell online.... Aussie included.

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3 Sep 08 01:00:32 pm
Hey guys...
Can't find a good auction site to sell stuff??
Well, I use Link hidden: Login to view to compare sites density. Higher density of visitors means higher probability of selling your items. They are based on US visitors per month.... so depending on the percentage of US visitors, it may be higher by folds or just by a percentage. Eg. ebid.net has 30.5% US visitors which means the REAL total is around 279 672 visitors per month worldwide.

So far throught my brief research....

#1. ebay.com - app 70 000 000 visitors per month
#2. amazon.com - app 50 000 000 visitors per month
#4. Craigslist.org- app 39 800 000 visitors per month
#3. Overstock.com- app 7 500 000 visitors per month
#5. Ioffer.com- 815 000 visitors per month
#6. Trademe.co.nz- 280 000 visitors per month

Ebid.net - 85300 visitors per month
Blujay.com- 84000 visitors per month.

I am kind of disappointed with my research because all the sites i have invested money in to create account and a seller+ id (ebid.net), all of it had lower density.

Ebay isn't that good coz of the..... you know.... fees.
Overstock only for US and UK.
Craigslist just look so complicated to me XDXD (crappy designs).
ioffer seems promising.... but they need more currency choices (for non-US) coz dealing with exchange rates for non-US customers is tough.
Ebid.net hasn't got that many people yet, but I bought a seller+ account T_T. (shud've done more research first) But their site planning is really good with different currencies available. (Good potential)

For Australians, the best I've seen so far is probably

oztion.com.au- 75938 visitors per month (good security with identification

or you can try

trademe.co.nz- 280 000 visitors per month
Haven't really explored it but it's quite famous.


au.ebid.net- after counting the total visitors, i've found out Australian visitors were only 7000+ per month (could be wrong, counted based on whois.sc), a disappointing figure.... so i'd recommend selling internationally for better hits.

US visitors for oztion and trademe should be a really small percentage so the total of visitors for those sites should probably be many times more.

So as I said, it was a brief research, so it may be inaccurate (FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME). Just an advice for some who are unsure, you can use Link hidden: Login to view to do more research on visitors density before making a choice to set up your online store. Or Link hidden: Login to view as recommended by Jimmy. Don't make the mistakes that I've made.

Then again, you may prefer less density for less competition.... but to me that'll probably mean less hits from viewers too. Different individuals, different opinions. So CHEERS. Hope that's helpful.

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3 Sep 08 08:55:18 pm
Good piece of research.

lot of members are going to get good value out of those numbers, I'm sure!

Mark (fudjj)

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