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Beware of Ebay's 5 Free Listing Feature!!!

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19 Aug 09 10:01:37 pm
The information I'm about to post might have been posted by admin already but anyway, here I go:

Recently, ebay introduces its FREE 5 listing for every 30 days. Free insertion free for listing on ebaY? Sound great hhuh...not until I find it out the hard way!

The trick is that normal listing - you pay the insertion fee according to your starting price + $2.19 for first 25$ + 3.5% of the FV - $25. That might sound like a lot of fee you gotta pay!

But Free listing? you pay flat 8.75% of FV or $20 which ever is less!

Let's do some number:

If you auction an ipod touch starting at $0.99 - sold for $176.50

Original listing:
insertion fee = $0.35 ($0.01-0.99 starting price)
Fee for first $25 = $2.19
FV fee = ($176.50 - $25)*3.5% = 5.30
Total Fee = $7.84

Free Listing:
Insertion fee = $0.00
FV fee = $176.50*8.75% = $15.00
Total = $15.00

That's almost double your original fee! UNLESS....

You sell an item for more than $500 ... then you will benefit from the free listing because you total fee for original listing would exceed $20.

If any mistake or type in number, please correct but don't criticize!

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21 Aug 09 05:58:04 am
Hi aznvcboi,

Thanks for this helpful post!

All the best!

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25 Aug 09 02:07:47 am
never paid attention to this, thanks

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26 Aug 09 11:15:13 am
I knew that was to good to be true for sure!! Like ebay are going to give 5 free listings.
Thanks for clearing that up once and for all.l

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26 Aug 09 08:11:24 pm
thanks, I never thinks about it before.

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26 Aug 09 08:25:10 pm
if you have used this free listing - you could request a re-adjustment for the items your sold. ONLY way around this feature is to use listing tools like TurboLister or Auctiva, etc.

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