Buy It Sell It has a new name.

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23 Feb 10 12:20:03 am
Buy It Sell It has a new name. Link hidden: Login to view.
Now you get to pay for it if you are going post over 10 items.
Prices are comparable to eBay stores. They have gone through a total overhaul. Maybe they are worth trying now.

Personally I am going to stick with eBay. It is the only place I can sell anything.


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23 Feb 10 01:52:22 am
Thanks for the update beachdisney!

With the traffic that eBay gets most sellers will have a greater chance at selling something compare with other auction sites.

It works differently for everybody though. But then again if we don't give other sites a try we'll never really know. If you think about it that's pretty much how eBay started..when it was new people gave it a try and it worked for them - more learned about them so more go there to buy and sell. eBay is just lucky they started early when competition wasn't as tough. These days there are just so many new auctions sites thus thinning out the traffic even more.

Updates from anyone who's trying out Link hidden: Login to view would be greatly appreciated!

All the best :)


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