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buy something to resell on ebay with my profit

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6 Oct 06 03:46:28 pm
Im looking to buy something to resell on ebay with my profit from the TMX elmos. I came across a bulk lot of 150 items B&G Brands Seasons Value clothing.

Boys & Girls ( all girls lots available.)

NB to Youth (a variety of sizes from newborn to youth 14/16)

Fall & Winter ( current season, Fall and Winter...not all season)

Great Brands ( all the great brands that are cute and trendy like Gap, Gymboree, Hanna, LuLu, Little Me, Osh Kosh, Carters, Circo, Marsha, Faded Glory, Levi's, Limited ll, Roxy, Tommy, RL, Disney, Pooh and many more)

Is this a good deal??? And if so is a mix of boys and girls or just girls better?

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6 Oct 06 06:11:55 pm
well, it's only a good deal if it's a good price and you know you can unload the items cost effectively and in a resonable amount of time.


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6 Oct 06 06:16:34 pm
Oh my bad thought I put price in. 180 with shipping. Think that is good to resell on ebay??

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6 Oct 06 11:58:23 pm
Depends...are you able to view these items in person? you have to be very careful buying lot clothing on the net...some items might be damaged or returns from a Department store that were wore by customers......My rule of thumb ..when it comes to buying lots of clothing..If I cant see it..I don't want it....

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15 Nov 06 07:25:39 am
You have a lot of 150 items for $180, that comes to $1.20 per item.

I would have a yard sale and sale what you can for $5 each, or more if its looks like good stuf.

If you only sell half of the lot you would make $195 profit. You may make more depending on how the lot looks when you see it.

The things you don't sell donate to a charity where you can take off the 'value' if the items not sold off your taxes, should be $195 you could get off your taxes. This is a win win situation.

I personally would only buy new or shelf pulls. Shelf pulls are usually just merchandise that is taken off the shelf after a season or style is over.

Yard Birds(people who hit all the yard sales) love to buy things that are new as apposed to used and worn.

Give it a try. Really what's $100 or $200 if your think things through and still think it's someting you can sell

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15 Nov 06 07:34:38 am
If you use the yard sale method dont forget to put an ad in the paper.

I had a yard sale to clear out some excess ebay items and i think I made 6 bucks because I neglected to put an ad in the paper. The next try I placed an ad and had alot more buyers and sold almost half my items.

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16 Nov 06 06:54:39 pm
sounds like a logical idea.

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11 Dec 06 03:03:22 am
I definately think clothing is a great option as very little can go wrong with it, it cant be faulty unless it like rips or something lol

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