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Buying and selling dvds on eBay - read this!

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9 Oct 07 12:17:17 pm
hi ,
i may be new here but ive been buying and selling for a long time ,i just started selling on ebay ,and have two different site's .anyway when i came here i was looking for good wholesale companies for dvd's.and i'll tell you i havent found one yet .moutainview is not a real good deal .before you buy a dvd ,take the dvd name and put it in ebays search under dvd's ,and see what it acually sells for ,pay no attention to buy it now .only the auction part ,this will tell you what your true profit margin will be .if your buying a movie from say moutainview and you pay 5.or 6 dollars for it ,but it only brings 7.00 or 8.00 in auction ,after all your fees ,what did you really make ,maybe 1.50 .now you have a 100 of the same movies some worse than others .thats not really wholesale when they say movie value is say 15.00 ,ya well that was 4 or 5 yeasr ago when it first came out ,just saying be very aware of the titles you buy before you make that purchase or you will be off to the flea market to recoup your loss .
just my two cents


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