Can I be a wholesaler and a Sale Rep for a manufacturer?

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10 Aug 09 05:18:34 pm
During my search in the world wide web...I found a manufacturer of a product line I want to carry but they had no Canadian Representative so I contacted them to find out.

Someone from the company responded and asked if I was interested in wholesaling or becoming a Canadian Rep. Now, my question is can't I do both?

What does a Sales Representative for a children's clothing line involve?
Do I have to buy stock from them and then sell it? Do I need a warehouse ?
The product is upscale/ boutiquey children's tutus.

Please help.


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10 Aug 09 09:41:41 pm
Absolutely no reason why you can't do both, however I would be concerned about any company that just offered you a wholesale opportunity without knowing anything about you, even offering you a representatives position with no CV has a strange smell about it to me.

It shows that they are not particular about protecting their brand, and that is usually the first thing a brand owner wants to protect because that is where the value of their product is maintained.

I'm not saying that you wouldn't do the right thing by their brand of course, but for them to simply be offering wholesale opportunities without any checking at all reeks of pure desperation on their behalf.

Sounds to me like they are looking for an injection of cash, and that would come from you buying in your stock to wholesale. So yes, you would require stock and space to be a wholesaler, however you may be able to sell from just a few samples that you would use at the time of the pitch, and then ship direct from their warehouse to the customer.

Honestly, you really do need to take a good long look at what this company is all about, and just what it is they are offering you before you make any real commitments to them in my opinion.

Opportunities do exist, but so do scams!

If you do decide to go ahead with some form of involvement, I would suggest buying in a few samples and getting your feet wet by visiting a few buyers and seeing how the products are received. That will give you a good baseline to work off.

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10 Aug 09 11:44:21 pm
Hi nuvobaby,

fudjj is totally right about the points he pointed out!

You could also trying doing a quick research about the manufacturer, check them out, like are there any complaints filed against them or what are the general feedback of their customers. These will give you an idea about the manufacturer.

Before you take the plunge, try going back to the manufacturer and ask them all the questions you have on your mind about being a representative. Although, do be careful, sometimes they will give you the answers they know you want to hear.

Hope this helps :) All the best to you!


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11 Aug 09 12:56:41 am
Update: I responded and I said I'm only interested in carrying their product line in my store and mentioned that I may not be qualified to be a Rep..

Let's see how they respond.


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