Careful with Google Checkout - This might happen to you too!

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4 May 12 05:34:03 pm

I sell on various places like Bonanza, Webstores, & Addoway, and many more auction site. For my payment processors, I use Paypal & googlecheckout, I've using google for many years as a matter of fact I signed up for google when they first started offering this service.To make a long story short a couple of days ago I received a email form google checkout saying that my account was CLOSED. I was shocked and wondered WHY?

I've been with them them a long time, they didn't say WHY.

Copy of email received:
Note that our decision to close your account need not reflect negatively
on your online business or overall business viability. Rather, we've based
our decision on proprietary review standards optimized specifically for
Google Checkout. Unfortunately we're unable to provide further specific
details related to your account closure. We hope you're successful in
finding an alternate payment processor which better suits your business

My question: Has this happen to anyone lately?

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6 May 12 02:29:52 pm
Typical Google bullshit -- they do the same thing to AdSense publishers, AdWords advertisers, and of course sites in the SERPs. You'll probably never find out why they banned you, and almost anything you do to try to redeem yourself will be wasted effort.


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7 May 12 04:00:32 am
Hi Bacpro,

It's unfortunate that this happened to you. One of our member's also posted about this a few weeks back, but his issue was not for Google Checkout but for another Google product - Google Merchant. Google also closed down his account because he was dropshipping -

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Wish you all the best!


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