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26 May 08 06:58:40 pm
I've been messing around with Craigslist trying to get my ads looking a little better.

HTML is awesome!

I have learned some very, very, basic html - actually I don't really know any but FrontPage doesn't care. Just put in want you want in design view and presto - you get html code.

Anyway, I was able to link some pictures to photobucket and have some very nicely detailed pictures. Also, I put in a link to email me and one to my eBay store.

I do have a little concern however as far as what Craigslist actually allows. I haven't really sat down and read their TOS. It is a little long and I'm impatient. If anyone can give me quick basic rundown of things I need to watch out for that would be great.

Also, I see where they were talking about proposed limits on html. Anyone know what that's all about?



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