Creating Multiple Accounts

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30 Jan 08 08:20:31 pm
How many ebay and paypal accounts are you allowed to create? If my account got suspended and i delete that account once it is reinstated and create a new one using the same paypal account will the fact that i got suspended on their follow me?

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1 Feb 08 11:25:34 pm
Well, basically you can have as many accounts as you want. There are several ways to do it also. Many ebay sellers have several accounts if not dozens..You can open many accounts as long as you use a different email address. I have several accounts myself. Many ebayers have separate accounts for buying and for selling..I do this myself, one for buying and several for selling...

If you have planned to start clean, I would wait until my old account was reinstated and just use it for buying, then open another account on both paypal and ebay for selling..I would not really try using alot of the tricks that alot of people tell you to use to open any new accounts while your old account is suspended, because ebay tracks your account in different ways,,,one being your computers ip address and even though you can change your account name, email address, and things like that, they will still reconize it as being your household as the ip address will show up as the same computer...You can tweek your service to log on with a different ip address everytime you log onto the net with servers like yahoo and aol and some folks use this method as a way of masking their idenity. But in some cases that can backfire too...

My advice would be to go ahead and just 'jump through the hoops' for ebaya and paypal and get a fresh clean start. That way you won't have to be looking over your shoulder the rest of the time...


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