Difficulty finding authentic goods

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14 Aug 08 06:29:27 am
Hello all,

I have just started this whole eBay thing, and am having heaps of trouble trying to find real stuff to sell. I've bought fake iPods, tennis rackets and jeans from wholesalers(all from china), promising their authenticity but being cheap imitations. So my questions are, are there any real products out there, and if not, what are the consequences/laws, in Australia, of buying fake goods listing them as fake on eBay?

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14 Aug 08 07:03:07 am
Number 1, forget about buying authentic branded items cheap from Chinese suppliers, it just a myth.

Number 2. the penalties are heavy, and it's only a matter of time till Customs get hold of you for piracy, not worth it.

If you want to source from China, then go for unbranded clones would be my advice.

Mark (fudjj)

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28 Aug 08 08:44:29 am
I could use some clone iPods. PM sent

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28 Aug 08 12:16:21 pm
Rule#3 - eBay may let you get away with selling fake items but not for long! You're better off selling them on Craig's List.

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28 Aug 08 08:01:35 pm
I believe true authentic stuff would be here in US. You might have to search hard for a supplier. Most anything over seas are fake.

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28 Aug 08 08:21:59 pm
Retail Liquidations is the best way to find authentic products although dont try liquidation.com they just got busted in a scam with paypal selling fakes.

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