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4 Sep 07 01:04:51 pm
where can i make a website with simple upload features. i say simple because i have no knowledge of webpage making. i have several ebooks for sale, but i feel i am not selling as well because i dont have digital delivery. are places like or somethign i should consider?

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4 Sep 07 05:44:12 pm
i find that angelfire is a easy one i have 2 sites there also there is a free website builder that you can get at

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7 Sep 07 12:14:40 am
i found Link hidden: Login to view to be really good.
once you upload your ebooks
you get a 'share' link which you can use in ebay digital information link.
i suggest you to join as its free and you can always go back to your file manager to access the share link again if you've forgotten

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7 Sep 07 06:22:20 am

One of the best is MYDD (My Digital Delivery). I have been using them for about two years. Here is the link to their information.

Link hidden: Login to view

You do have to have a website for MYDD. You can get on completely uploaded like mine. If you want to see my site:

Link hidden: Login to view

I had it set up, a lot of people do. I got mine form John (Planetsms). I am having some of the pages worked on but you can see the main page and get an idea.


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15 Sep 07 10:04:04 am
Ok, if you want instant digital delivery, I will try to go into this in osme depth. I presume you accept Paypal as payment.

Link hidden: Login to view is a FREE HTML editor so you can see what your creating and its dead easy to use. Once oyu have your page ready go to paypal and create a buy it now button, (tutorials available on Paypal)at the bottom of the create button page there is an option for 'more information', click here and there is a return URL that Paypal will send once the payment has been approved, this is where you put your download URL or thank you page - but bury it DEEP in your website otherwise people will find it and get it free. When I say bury it, do something like this:
this will be the thank you page, then on this page you put CLICK HERE and hyperlink it to the actual download without giving away its location!

It should work like this - buyer clicks on buy now button - Pays - then is redirected to your thank youpage - gets download - DONE.

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26 Sep 07 03:46:21 pm has domains for $2.99 annually.

Buy one and then call up their service and they will walk you right through it. I have about 80 ebooks on my domain and they deliver fast and smooth.

Just tell the tech exactly what your intentions are and they will help you set it up while they are on the phone.

Hope this helps! :)


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