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Do I get more money if I sell my PS2 on eBay.com or eBay UK?

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17 Jul 06 01:53:19 am
Hi, I was on eBay and saw a used PS2 with games for 2,077 USD. Since this isn't going anywhere around this price range in USD, I'm going to try doing it in the UK one. I have a couple of questions. First, is it worth it? Is it worth it for me to pay for the shipping, do you think I can get more money for my PS2 with games than selling it in the american one? My second question is, if I dont feel I got enough money at the end, can I refund the person's money and don't send him the item? I know about reserves but that throws bidders off? My LAST question is, are PS2s and games region free? Will my PS2 and games work for him and if he buys other games in stores, will they work?

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17 Jul 06 05:44:09 am
Hi. Im not really sure about whether or not its worth it but all i can say is that ps2 games arent all region free. I was in the states last year and bought some xbox games that were PAL. the only reason i could play it here was because my xbox is chipped. so its best to check out what version the UK used PAL or NTSC before selling any games or you may find that customers will buy the games but cant play them.
GOOD LUCK!! I thnk the UK market is good because they are paying in pounds and thats nearly tripple the NZ dollar. The other thing I was going to look at was finding a UK based dropshipper to dropship within the UK.

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22 Jul 06 04:34:19 am
i'm afraid the US version can not play Uk version games... but selling other stuff on ebay.co.uk is not a bad idea since they are paying in pounds... about shipping charges i suggest you find a dropshipper located in the UK or dropshippers in other countries that offer low worldwide shipping

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22 Jul 06 05:00:47 pm
I confirm that the US version is different from the UK version 100%

-UK version is PAL
-USA version is NTSC

I know this as my company Link hidden: Login to view who sells the short DVDs 2004 and 2005 to customers from around the world needs to have to the list of which country uses which version before sending to customers.


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