Do I list it as new or used?

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1 Apr 08 10:20:37 pm
I have a few questions about selling products.

These questions primarily concern the products I will be ordering from Jimmy because they come from stores like Macy’s and Target.

If an item is new but the box is damaged can you still sell it as new on eBay?
What if it is missing pieces or a display item? What about returned products that from all outward appearances seem to be new?

I know that when I look at items to purchase on eBay, I always look at the new items and compare the price to the used ones. I will pay slightly more for a product if it is brand new over a used one in almost every case.

Therefore it seems obvious that it is desirable to list things as new when you can. I do not, however, want to do something that is deceitful or against eBay’s rules.

Of course you can explain everything in its description but you always have to select either used or new when listing the item.

Some advice on matters like this would be much appreciated.


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2 Apr 08 12:47:54 am
Hi when I list items such as macys and target. I list the item as I see it.

If the item looks new. But has a damaged box I list it as New But box is damaged.
If the item is obviously used. But looks like it may have been a store Display Model. I list it as a store display.

I also include in every auction. This line'
NOTE: If this item is an out of box or open box item that it May show signs of handling, use, fingerprints or very small scratches. We even inspect brand new items to guarantee functionality. We inspect and test all items and provide descriptions that are as accurate as possible.'

This line really helps and out of several thousand items we have only had a couple complaints.

Always be honest. Even stuff that has a missing component will sell and some still sell very well. Make sure you have this in your details as well. It will help with the guessing games and your buyers will likely ask you a question if they do not see a particular item in the picture.

'Please Do not Assume Anything is included.

If It is not in the Picture It may not be included.'

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2 Apr 08 10:03:29 pm
Thanks for the advice Jimmy. I will use descriptions/notices like what you have there.


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