Does anyone have any experience selling inspired handbags?

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10 Sep 09 03:54:49 pm
Has anyone bacame successfull selling inpired or replica handbags? if so, please give a name of a good supplier/dropshipper.

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10 Sep 09 05:42:50 pm
not really and if your considering doing it you might want to be careful. E-bay has cracked down hard on replica bags.

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10 Sep 09 11:05:02 pm
Hi deejbreed,

You can sell 'designer-inspired' items legally, as long as it is clearly stated that these are 'designer-inspired' and the goods are free from any trademarked terms. For example, ‘Designer-inspired handbag’ is okay. But ‘Designer-inspired Gucci bag’ is not, especially when the bag includes the Gucci logo or brand name.

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10 Sep 09 11:17:25 pm
Yes, just to follow on from the advice given by Satya. Stay well clear from any ambiguity that could lead to confusion regarding the authenticity of the product.

I would suggest actually using the fact that it is a replica as a selling point, something along the lines of 'why pay big money on a brand name, when you can get the same look for a fraction of the price'

If you use that type of market focus you are not only marketing your product, but you are not swimming in dangerous waters, and your listing, as well as your customers will be fine.

Most get into trouble where they simply try to pass a replica off as the genuine article, or blur the edges a little and hope they can snag one or two customers that think it is genuine.

Those are the times you will find yourself in a very sticky situation!

Mark (fudjj)

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22 Jan 10 02:25:00 pm
I've read all the post about this subject, a supplier I have found sells replicas but the bear the name of the major brands like gucci, coach etc. Will it be in my best interest to not use their products? I'm just strarting out and don't want to get sued!!

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23 Jan 10 10:26:24 am
so where can you get real bags cheap???

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24 Jan 10 03:22:34 am
Hi Tcyln and Colooney,

Designated trademarks and brands are property of their respective owners. Selling products that bear trademarked brands but are not made or endorsed by the brand owners is considered copyright infringement and is illegal so we don't encourage it. eBay also has a strict policy in place for this so if your listing is reported, then, it will result to listing removal and even account suspension. But like what Satya and Fudjj have pointed out, for as long as the products are free from any trademarked terms, then they should be okay to sell.

Here are some of recommended suppliers of authentic designer handbags:

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If you do a search in the SaleHoo forum, you will find related posts and more recommended suppliers.

All the best,


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