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Does anyone have experience with checkout issues on ebay??

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9 Jun 09 03:12:02 pm
Hi everyone,

I recently tried to contact ebay because I have 2 customers that have said they cannot complete the transaction because Auctiva is giving them an error message. I recently closed my auctiva account and transfered over to Vendio. ebay for one was not very helpful and should I say rude responding to my issue. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Any ideas what I can do at this point?

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17 Jun 09 06:54:24 am
Are you saying that this was before you switched to Vendio, or after? I would try contacting Auctiva about the issue, since it was their site that gave the error, and not eBay's.


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17 Jun 09 07:02:43 am
i recently read a post where some one had the same problem, though i don't remember who. they said they had to re-open there auctavia account to complete the transaction.

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17 Jun 09 11:22:09 am
I had posted a few things on another topic about having trouble with the checkout. Apparently if you decide to close your auctiva account, you better make sure you disable the checkout way before you close your account because if not all your customers will not be able to successfully checkout for items and you will need to rejoin with Auctiva like I just did. I am starting to think that ebay has some form of ownership or stakes with Auctiva and pushing them to change their whole business plan around.

I think that's the post you are referring to. It was made by dwmgoods35 himself but on another topic/thread. :)


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17 Jun 09 02:28:35 pm
Yes, Thanks Grace and Richelle. The problem was resolved but I unfortunately had no choice but to re-open my account with Auctiva to fix the checkout. I contacted ebay and the girl there for one was not very helpful. She said unfortunately you can either re-open your auctiva account since it's an Auctiva problem and not ebay or you can just let all customers know that you can only send them a money request through email with paypal. I had a few hundred listings up there and I was not about to do that second process with each buyer. The ebay person also said they can cancel all of my listings and give me a temp. refund for the listing fees but I would have to re-list all of the exact ones to bring back the same balance. To be honest with everyone Auctiva is really the problem here and not ebay because of their technology you HAVE to disable your Auctiva checkout before you cancel with them. Now Im stuck with a $2.95 monthly fee for a while at least.

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