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6 Sep 14 10:28:13 am

I'm new to Salehoo, but I've been thinking about drop shipping for a while now. I don't want to start up a website and sell the products there, but on auction sites. The reason is because I'm only 20 years old, and don't have the time and money to run a website. It is my goal one day tough.
I'm from Norway, so drop shipping isn't very big here, but I know what I want to sell and what my niche is.

I've been doing a lot of research and I've been working with sales for many years now, but not online. So I have some questions I hope someone would answer :)

I've already e-mailed some drop shipping suppliers, but the answer I got is that none of them allows selling on Ebay and auction sites (I'm not gonna sell on ebay, but on a auction site that is very popular in Norway). I will eventually expand my business, but I think it's a good idea for me to start small to see what it is like.
My niche is personal care, so everything from make-up, hair-care, curling irons etc.

Does anyone know a supplier (to be trusted), that allows selling on auction sites and doesn't require that I must have a business?

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7 Sep 14 02:43:39 am
Hi Tone and welcome to the forum

The first thing I would just like to clarify the name of the dropshippers you have been contacting that have telling you they don't supply to eBay or Amazon sellers. This is most unusual and I think we need to look into that closer for you, even more so if they are dropship suppliers from our directory!

It sounds more like you're trying to tap into a tightly controlled distribution network that a dropshipper. You will come across those types of issues trying to get into one of those networks, but extremely rare for a dropship supplier to impose restrictions like that.

So lets start with confirming this issue you've been having and going from there.


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12 Sep 14 02:15:59 pm
I have my own shop but wondering which company dropshipping products to Norway, for they are not so many I have seen.

Which manufacturers are sending products to Norway? Home & garden.

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15 Sep 14 06:33:45 am
Hello Malin,

I have filtered the supplier list for you.

I suggest to open this link so you can see the suppliers that dropship internationally:

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Let me know if you need to have more specific searches.


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