Dropshippers and Quality Products?

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14 Feb 11 04:45:48 am
I'm new to SaleHoo and my question is how do i figure out what products to sell online and where to source the products from?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I heard you can make some serious money online so what do i need to do?

Also my advertising budget isn't that great now.


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14 Feb 11 09:40:53 pm
Hi and welcome megadeals4u2010,

The answer is RESEARCH. By the way, where are you planning to sell? You can start by choosing a market, then start your research.

If this will be your first time to sell, I would suggest you try selling a few things from around your house. More like a test sale so you can get your feet wet and get the feel of things. Starting out this way has its advantages - no capital needed, meaning you also have zero to little risk factor; you get to practice your selling skills (taking photos, making listings, writing your product descriptions); good way to build up your seller feedback plus you might discover a niche while your at it.

You might also consider a hobby as your guide in choosing the products you will sell. As they say it is easier to do and succeed when you are doing something you are passionate about.

There are many similar posts in the forum, do find time to read through them. And don't forget our Education section, I'm sure you'll find the guides and articles most helpful!

To help you with your advertising needs, check out this post - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps! All the best :)


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17 Feb 11 07:21:24 am
AS richelle said, start with items around the house. Got an old Dell computer, you can part it out for some coin.

After that, pick around 5 item genres and search on eBay to see what people are selling. Then source suppliers. Then, let me tell you now, don't count on the internet to find your sources. Salehoo has about the best list of suppliers on the internet. With that said, you still may not find the right supplier with the best prices.

I have a drop shipper I use on eBay. I found this supplier through a publication I found. If you took the item this supplier sells and search for drop shippers of this item, this company never show up in the results. Well, at least in the first 20 pages which is where I stopped looking.

So make sure to research offline as well as on.


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