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Eager to get back to Business-Selling video games online

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7 Oct 13 01:58:54 pm
Hi Guys,

After working several years as a regular employee i finally realized that this is not for me, my true passion was always e-commerce and selling stuff on eBay.
I really want to do that for the rest of my life but i need help, i kinda don't have enough money to invest in a new business now and i want to know how to do it right this time.
For example, one of my passions is to sell Video games on eBay, how can i do it right with all the competition that is out there?
How can i get the games in reasonable price that will provide me good profit, despite eBay and Paypal's fees,?
In addition, how can i get the games in reasonable price without the commitment to buy a great quantity from the supplier or Distributor?
I really want to start slow and grow in the video games business.
Also,Since i am not from the U.S sometimes importing will not be beneficial for me, how can i overcome this?

Your help is much appreciated, help me make my dream come true :)

Thanks a lot,

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16 Oct 13 10:47:20 pm
Hi Sivan

You're asking all the hard questions there and unfortunately, there isn't really many answers that could satisfy that I know of certainly. I used to be in the video game market on eBay myself a few years back and buying importing in bulk with large distributor discounts was the only way we were making a dent in the market. Even then it was getting tight, but now there are a lot of Asian imports you have to deal with and its just gotten harder.

We ended up pulling out ourselves when the Asian suppliers starting coming into the market in a big way, we could see it was only going to get harder for a business model like ours to succeed up against that competition long term.

Sorry I don't have any answers for you, can only wish you good luck mate.

Mark (fudjj)

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