eBay account suspended - chinadvdwholesale.com legit???

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23 Apr 07 04:29:34 pm
I just got an email this morning that my account has been suspended because of suspicion of 'bootleg' copies being sold.

One of my suppliers from China sent me his Business Certificate to prove that his stuff is legit - 'all Offical Asian Release' is what he said. The other supplier I had - chinadvdwholesaler.com said the same thing but has yet to send me any 'proof' that he is offical.

Is it illegal to sell stuff that is 'official Asian release'?

I am very upset and hope that I don't get in legal trouble - and now I guess I'm stuck with all these DVD sets that I won't be able to sell!?

Some advice please!!!!!!
Thanks :(

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23 Apr 07 11:22:30 pm
Well first deal with your mess. You might be able to sell them but just not on Ebay. It is better to stay focuses on staying out of trouble. Than worry about dumping the products at cost to another person and not through Ebay.

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24 Apr 07 12:07:20 am
Unless the DVDS are Region 1 with a USA classification it is illegal to sell them. I think it is unlikely that any legal action will be taken unless you continue to sell the DVDs on eBay. But remember, this is US law, not just eBay policy, so I would be very careful about selling them on.

In general, be very, very cautious when buying digital media and brand name products from China - they are almost 100% likely to be bootleg/counterfeit. If the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

I'm sorry this has happened to you - sadly people get caught out by this sort of thing all the time. The best thing to do is open a new eBay account and use an authentic DVD wholesaler such as Link hidden: Login to view.


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24 Apr 07 12:51:22 am
chinadvdwholesaler.com , their product price is impossible. just 10% of the original. I check their covers , not the original cover.

Thats why I cannot sell original DVD,
from real wholeseller supplier.

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25 Apr 07 06:26:22 am
They are a great source of movies if you want them for personal use. I do not recommend any of thier movies to be sold on ebay. I myself have purchased from them for my personal collection.

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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7 May 07 04:12:46 am
you are giving as a ride jimmy, we know it

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2 Jun 07 06:05:51 am
ChinaDVDWholesale does not offer certificates for its products.

I would stay away from them like the plague, do not use them as a wholesale center or you could get suspended or worse and especially on uBid.

ONE of the first questions that should always be asked when buying digital movies and things like that, is *IS* it Region 1 and does it come with certificates?

If they answer yes to both questions its a safe order, but if not its trouble basically every time.

I wonder if the same applies to GAMES, I am assuming it does, but there might be a way to sell copied games as long as they are USA/Pal region 1 also??

I hope someone can answer that as I have looked at the schematics for it, surely someone must know what the legal requirements are for selling copied games or software.

I've seen them sold many places quite often but they must have to get a permit, or official seal to be able to sell them.


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