eBay Alternative?

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15 Nov 07 08:28:35 am
The EBay debate goes on...some good, some bad. So, being new to all this, I'd like to know what are some other on-line auction sites? Where and how do I find out about them? Google it?

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15 Nov 07 12:12:47 pm
Jim thats well and good, however they will get a tiny amount of traffic and if your selling anything you need traffic as its your life blood.

Theres nothing better than good old SEO to get you noticed, if you go to google and type in Earn $$ looking at naked women, my site is listed at top position, and thats without paying a cent in advertising. How did I do it, I used Ebay! Now thats done, I don't need them anymore!

As you say, there are good and bad points of using Ebay, as a seller the bad points out weighed the good for me...

Have a great day.

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15 Nov 07 12:56:53 pm
Powersellersunite.com has a great listing of auctions sites. Here are two links to check out.

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These sites are all free to sell on.

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