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9 Nov 06 06:44:14 pm
Hey guys!

I have been selling on Ebay for over 1 1/2 years. Just some tips I want to share with people new to selling on Ebay.

Try to reduce fees as much as possible. I use Auctiva.com to house all my images, use their design templates and scheduele my auctions. This is all free! saves about 1.25 per auction. It is not a lot, but adds up over time.

Everyone should know to take great pics. I use white posterboard as a background and place my items atop a phonebook thats been covered in a crisp, wrinkle free white pillow case.
Total cost $2.50
Instant Studio: 'Priceless' .. lol ;)

I wouldnt pay for ebay extras like Bold, nor Highlight. I have not found a significant increase in sales to justify paying the fee for it. I must say however, that the $20 I paid to get featured has paid off. I would use this esp for any high end merchandise as I have never gotten so many page views before. Almost 6 times my normal. I would use this when you have multiple items, as it spreads the 'fee' to get featured over more items. Example, its $20 to get featured, if you have 5 items available thats only $4 for each item to get listed, as opposed to $20 for 1 item. Just an Idea to consider

PayPal, Paypal, Paypal. I can't say it again. Yes, its another (small) fee when people send you a payment, but its a great way for customers to send payments, and is secure.

Get the PayPal debit card if you can. ESPECIALLY if you are Dropshipping. For a while I was paying for dropship items out of my own checking acct, then waiting 3-4 days for PayPal to deposit the money into my checking account. The PayPal Debit card makes it VERY convienet.

Ok, I am rambling on now.

Hope this has been helpful to atleast 1 person.

Enjoy your day!


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9 Nov 06 09:10:35 pm
Great post Matt! Loved the rambling on ;)

Keep it up!

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11 Nov 06 10:52:22 am
I have to agree that the extra $20 to get a feature lisitng is really worth it. For example, I had a collectable Dale Earnhardt race car listed that only got up to a $14 bid. I tried it as a feature listing and it is now over $100 with 5 days to go.

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12 Nov 06 01:29:58 am
For those who think that Ebay is ou to get us with their fees, look at the post above, Wholesalelost101 paid 20 bucks and is going to make an extra (100-(14+20) )=56 bucks than he did with his previous sale. A 200% return, not bad with 5 days to go huh?

Good to see someone else sees that sometimes you just got to Pony up and play the game!


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