Ebay cancelling/blocked my account

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3 Oct 07 01:42:18 pm
Hi Everybody,

Recently my advertisements are been remove due to trademark violation.
My account has been blocked 3 times and as i am talking it has been blocked today.

The problem is i don't know what i am doing wrong and what is worse is i see alot of people selling bad brand items on ebay n they are selling everyday.

Can anyone tell me what i should do? or do i have to make some changes when i am listing my products on ebay.

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3 Oct 07 02:07:29 pm
Greetings - I advise you look http: // suspensionebay.co.uk/this can than that will help you - it is very a pity to me. But unfortunately they periodically do it.

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13 Oct 07 08:47:50 am
You were reported by VERO because of your business selling items that violate their trademark.

The trademark owners reported you.

The truth is, you were victimized by a sly slick company telling you to sell the legitimate brand.

Only problem was, it wasn't legitimate. What you have in your store is actually illegal items using someone else's name.

The way to tell this, is to check what you were selling and see if it seems to come from somewhere shady...do you know alot about the person selling it? Did they show you a receipt?

If its a high brand item, ALWAYS have a receipt or as much information as possible. It could be something that really causes trouble later.

They were selling the bootlegs out there everywhere and you got reported to VERO because of it- It wasn't your fault. Explain it to everybody, get your account re-instated and send that supplier to the dustbin so they can get rid of that guy's illegal goods.

IF ITS A BRAND NAME ITEM IN CHINA, DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO CONFIRM ITS REAL. Including make certain it has those certificates.

And/or a receipt. For a number of products, you will want a photograph of the receipt anyway. Just to keep everything straight. If it doesn't have any of those I listed, report it because its a trademark violating knock-off set.


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