eBay has restricted my account - Should I start using my other account now?

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18 Oct 10 07:07:14 am
As I have had a few dramas this last month or 2, Iebay has slipped a bit, I got a few negs etc, not all my fault but ebay has decided to restrict my account, I cannot sell any items for 1 month.

Looks like I better start using my other account.

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18 Oct 10 09:39:49 pm
Hi AustGarageSales,

It's unfortunate what eBay did with your primary account but I think once you start selling by using your secondary/other account, eBay will notice this and may suspend your other account as well. eBay has been known to have the ability to scrutinize user accounts - so using another account usually would not solve the problem at hand.

I think you'll find what Erika had to say to another member who also had his eBay account suspended helpful, please check it out -

Link hidden: Login to view

You might also consider selling through other sites while you wait out your suspension before you know it one whole month will be over!

Hope this helps - All the best!


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18 Oct 10 11:13:17 pm
Hi AustGarageSales,

Do not in any way circumvent your suspension by using another account. As Erika has said, eBay will find out and it will not only suspend your new account, your previous account may never be reinstated.

Here is eBay's related policy about this issue, from Link hidden: Login to view

Members who are suspended are prohibited from registering new accounts with eBay, or bidding or selling on eBay using any existing accounts. eBay reserves the right to suspend existing accounts as well as new accounts opened by anyone in the same household of a suspended member or by any other associates of a suspended member.

Try selling your items at Bonanzle for the meantime, and Richelle is right, a month will be over soon. At least you were not suspended indefinitely.




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