eBay - how to adjust postage costs?

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4 Jan 07 01:11:05 pm
I usually state that if a person buys 1 - 3 DVD's or Games (both are the same size) the postage stays at a flat rate $5.00 ($7.00 express postage) and if they buy 4 or more, then the postage is $8.80 ($9.90 express postage).

Just wondering if there is any way to set it up so eBay automatically adds this up by itself so I don't have to manually invoice my customers rather than having them sending me rude messages about me trying to trick them with postage when they go to checkout.

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4 Jan 07 03:34:56 pm
Best thing if you want to do it like that is to change your shipping to a cost for each additional item.
Put your shipping at $5.00 for the first item and something like $1.00 for each additional item. Make sure this is in your listing.

Lets say you want to charge only $1.00 for each additional item.

Go into 'MyEbay/Preferences/shipping and discounts/ Offer shipping discounts on combined purchases'

Click on edit.
Make sure that
Allow buyers to send a single, combined payment for items purchased within the following time period''' Is checked
Make sure that
Apply a shipping discount when a buyer purchases more than one item from me. '''''' Is checked

Then click on
Charge my highest shipping cost for the first item and deduct US $4.00 from the shipping cost of each additional item.

Deducting $4.00 will make sure that each additional movie is charged only $1.00 off of your original shipping costs.

I sell dvd movies as well but I do not list shipping at all. The shipping details are in my Auction. Yes occasionally I get 1 person that moans about shipping fees. But they are easily put in thier place when I tell them that if they actually read the auction details then they would have known :D

I also add ' Your bid states you have read this auction fully and agree to sellers bidding terms' in my auctions

Hope this helps

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5 Jan 07 01:54:58 am
I got tired of crazy emails about me overcharging on shipping and went to FREE SHIPPING for awhile and did ok as i raised prices and alot people bought more dvds as they felt they were getting something for FREE .GOOD LUCK!!!


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