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26 Jun 07 06:35:11 pm
Problem with dropshipping is, most suppliers are abroad, my 2 favourites are mk enterprise and chinavasion they have a ton of goods I want to advertise, but I have for about a month with only one sale so far. This is because the item location has to be declared as the dropshipper location, i.e. Hong Kong or China. I know I can't advertise them as UK (due to experience of doing so - suspended account, etc), but less people are bound to buy from overseas. Any suggestions on how I could advertise the location? Currently I put: (UK based seller), Hong Kong.

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4 Jul 07 05:03:36 am
I'm afraid there is not really any way around eBay's new policy.
A good idea is to explain in your FAQ or item description why the items are from China/Hong Kong etc. Make sure the customer realises the benefits, such as lower prices and be sure to address the fears they may have about low quality by providing a guarantee.



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