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eBay Magic Super Course

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2 Aug 07 03:17:37 am
Hi there, has anybody within this whole forum done this course or perhaps doing it presently, if so what would you rate it - out of 10? And how did you find it? Personally, at every turn I had to pay $$$$, soon accumulated to quite a bit, and on top of that the $3000.00 to do it and then another $149.95 if you wanted all your emails replied to at speed each month. Am curious!!!

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3 Aug 07 04:57:18 pm
Thats an expensive course?

One key to being successful
on ebay, having a lot of
money to keep listing Over
& over & over....thats the only
way your items will be seen.

Powerseller have the money to
out last the little guy...


J Baca
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3 Aug 07 05:43:42 pm
Well, That's a really expensive course. Going from my own personal past, I would say that most all of those so called courses are pretty much rip-offs.

Of course I realize that any product, no matter what it is, is worth exactly what the buyer is willing to pay for it...

That being said. Most all of the information that you see in courses that cost that much and actually be found for just few dollars or in most cases for free..

Also this particular forum probably has users who can answer and give you ideas and solutions to pretty much anything you will find in any course. that includes even the latest coursed on the market...

Too, usually when a new high dollar ebook or course comes out, within a few weeks or months you will find it listed for a fraction of the cost....

I know, because when I first started out, I bought everything they had on the market. I probably couldn't count the amount of money I spent on all the different ebooks and courses, get rich products, etc...

But truthfully, I actually learned what to do and how to do it, from a few people who were willing to stop and answer my questions and give me directions...

Don't get me wrong, there are some good ebooks out there with good info in them, but most all of them can be had for just a few dollars...

Don't be afraid to ask for help, you'll be surprised at how many people who are willing to stop and give you a hand...

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