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eBay purchase questions

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23 Sep 14 11:16:53 pm
Hi, its Saladin.

I have a question please.

For eBay when I sell an item say for $50. Firstly, can I take that $50 and buy the product from the supplier I deal with?

or eBay holds that payment until they receive a confirmation from the customer?

Second, if it sold for $50 what are the fees that I will pay for eBay and paypal?

note:(I am a big beginner in this and any advise will help)


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24 Sep 14 05:36:54 am
Hello Saladin,

First thing's first - it would be pretty difficult for your to actually take the payment first and then use it to buy the product from the supplier.
The process with eBay is that Paypal actually places the payments on hold for a minimum of 24 hours and wait for any possible dispute or the like. If there are no issues, it goes through.

This is actually one way to ensure that customers are also able to receive their products and establish a good sales front for your and your business.

There are several reasons you might not have immediate access to funds. Some of the most common reasons are:

You have a limited selling history.
You have a Below Standard rating in your Seller Dashboard.

If you are selling on eBay USA or Canada, your buyer's payment will first show as pending in your PayPal account if you have:

Limited selling history, meaning you have:
90 days or less from your first sale, or
25 or fewer transaction, or
US$250 or less total sales since your first sale
Below Standard Rating in your Seller Dashboard.
Unusual account activity such as sudden incidence of Buyer Protection case.

I suggest you try browsing through our eBay guide to learn further on policies - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps.

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24 Sep 14 04:34:10 pm
If you are a U.S. seller with no store subscription, you fees are pretty easy to calculate. EBay charges 10% of the total amount, and Paypal is 2.9% + 30 cents.

So if you sold something for $50 (including shipping), the fee would be $5.00 (10%) to eBay and $1.75 (2.9% + 30 cents) to Paypal for total fees of $6.75.

If you have a store subscription, that complicates things a bit more because certain categories MAY have lower FVF fees

Michael Sears
Got Your Wants, Bloomington, Illinois
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25 Sep 14 04:56:06 am
That was helpful thanks

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