eBay Rates Increase.

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20 Jul 06 01:31:25 pm
Did other eBay sellers receive a notice from eBay that they have raised their fees once again? They said that their

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24 Jul 06 02:41:24 am
Ugh, I wish some newer sites would emerge just as good as ebay with lower pricing!!!!!!!

I pay over $400 a month to Ebay for fees, and final value fees!!!!!!!

That doesn't include paypal!!!

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24 Jul 06 03:31:20 am
Same here! I personally feel we are being robbed....I mean comon, Ebay and Paypal are ONE and the same company. Its like a real estate agent, we get charged in the front, middle and back end. I know that the paypal fee has to be a percentage, because merchant costs charge them a % for every credit card transaction, but 2.9%? comon...


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28 Jul 06 12:39:08 pm
I am now using a website called
Auction.com and I am getting a lot
of action...ebay is getting too
expensive....if you don't use the
gallery your items go too the back
of bus and aren't seen....but ebay
still gets more traffic and the power
sellers are the one's getting all the bids.

Lets face it they can afford it.

J Baca

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31 Jul 06 10:42:27 pm
I reckon there's lots of salehoo members? Maybe we should start promoting a auction site together.

I personally think it's too much. I only list a few times a month and am already paying like $60 or more.


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