Ebay Relisting Fees

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5 May 07 12:32:47 am
Everyone, I resently started selling items on ebay, hoping to make a little extra........my biggest problem is, how do I make money if I end up relisting twice, or even a third time before selling...and not having to raise the price. It seems all my profit gets eaten up in fees, and relisting...help....suggestions....

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5 May 07 01:14:36 am
I lost money my first month. I listed almost everything in my store and then as items would sell I relisted them.
So eventually you will be selling items that you know sells. I now do this about once a month because what sells changes. When you find an item selling real well, you list 5-10 of that item.
You just have to sell enough to cover unsold items and only sell items that you have at least a 30% profit margin. The more you sell the more tricks you'll find to making money.

That's my 2 cents anyway.

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7 May 07 02:48:22 am
Two things:

(1) How many competitors do you have selling the same item or similar? Buyers may be choosing other sellers with more feedback in preference to you as a new seller. If this is the case, then you have to think of ways to make your listing more attractive by offering cheaper shipping than your competitors or a free bonus when they buy.

Or, there might simply be too much supply and not enough demand. In this case you could cut your losses by selling left-over product in wholesale lots, using the money to try something else.

(2) Research the sell-through rate of a product before listing it.

Use the completed listings search in eBay to find out the average selling price of items you are think of selling and the percentage sell-through rate. You should either be aiming for a niche product with very little/no competition, or a product with a 65-70% sell-through rate (sell-through rate meaning the percentage of all listings that sell).

Like Haus said, it does take time. Many now successful sellers spent the first 6 months of their eBay career just testing products and learning.

Good luck :)


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7 May 07 05:50:58 am
Its always hard if you just started to sell your items.
And its based on what profit margin you are going for and the product you are trying to sell.

You have to look at several things.

1. The Product your trying to sell ( sell whats in season)
2. Supply VS Demand (If supply is higher then demand you will loose money)
3. Price you pay to aquire product. (if your paying too much and generating too small a profit your paying too much.
4. How much to charge (lowest price usually wins a sale.)
5. When is relisting a bad thing ( how much profit you loose if you relist.)

Lets say your selling DVD's .. Literally thousands of sellers are selling dvd's Most people jump in thinking they will make thousands doing such. But that is not the case. You can make some money selling them but you have to be smart about it. Right now is not the best time of year for this item as demand slows because all the big summer movies are comming out and people are not cooped up in the house with nothing to do. So with 20,000 sellers trying to sell items like this they will have alot of trouble making the best profits unless they are volume sellers.

People think they can just buy a dvd lot off of ebay and resell it for extra money. Problem is that those lots sell each film for $3.45 and up for each movie plus its shipping. The average selling price is 99 Cents. Plus shipping based on the sellers shipping price.

Paying $3.45 for each movie eats up most of your profit potential.
Sellers like myself can buy 100 hit movies for $50.00 or $100.00
Using local advertising. Thats 50 cents to a dollar for each film.
Maximizing the full potential of each sale. So it doesnt hurt to relist the item several times if needed.

Paying $345.00 or more for 100 movies basically kills 85 percent of the profit potential of the item.

Buyer will look at a few things. Aside from the movie and the condition of the item.

1. Starting Bid
2. Shipping
3. Seller Feedback
4. Sellers average sales per month.

And they will most likey choose a movie from a higher feedback. That is currently selling more then 100 items per month.

Key is to be patient. If you have a low feedback rating (aka under 200) then you have to slowly build up your feedback and then your level of trust with your buyers.

Just dont give up, It takes time. Took me over 2 years to make my first actuall profit on ebay.

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9 May 07 01:53:17 am
My sales doubled after I got the Powerseller icon beside my name.

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5 Jun 07 09:20:14 am
My sales doubled after I got the Powerseller icon beside my name.

I found out your sales are not entirely dependent on what is next to your name.

You could have a REALLY low feedback of 5 although its not recommended.

You could still sell out of everything though.

The two key things are:

1)Supply & demand for the item, and description.

2) Traffic.

Got those two things you have a sale.

Not just there but in general. Sometimes its hard to guage how in demand something is. That's when you blow it over with hundreds of visitors, and I do mean hundreds, and see as most of the time it sells and sometimes instantly!

Sometimes, no matter how many people see it it will just not sell period. That's where demand comes in. Great techniques to learn.

Even better to master, because you could outdo the gurus if you have what is known as killer traffic.


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