Ebay Scammers

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12 Dec 06 11:08:51 pm
I am new to this whole ebay thing and over the past 2 weeks I have gotten 2 seperate buyers who were trying to run a scam how common is this and what can I do to stop it?


Sold Cell Phone and get email from ' PAYPAL' stating payment was made but is being held until tracking number is provided. I even got into a nasty email fight with the first person who did this. They all want you to ship to nigeria when all my auctions STATE US only

Help me I am very discouraged at this point I need the money it isn't a game to me and I keep running into clowns

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13 Dec 06 02:01:24 am
This is very common these days. You can adjust your setting to ban certain types of buyers. I use these settings a lot to try and avoid some of the scammers. You can always email ebay about the problem and ask them for advice. Also do a search on ebay for information about the scammers. Ebay members have posted a lot of information about the problem.

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13 Dec 06 03:30:38 pm
Also wait 7 days after the auction closes then file a dispute on ebay with the buyer. File a payment not recieved dispute. If the buyer responds then immediately close the dispute, most scammers never respond so youll have to wait 8 days. Cancell the transaction and get your listing fees back. You can relist the item now if you dont intend to complete the transaction.

While the auction is closing you can also keep a cancell bid page open on another browser tab to cancell bids on 0 feedbacks right before the auction closes if you wish to avoid dealing with possible nonpayingbidders.

The biggest problem in that area of ebay is high demand items attract more NPB's and Scammers then any other area.

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