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4 Oct 07 10:11:02 pm
Hi all,

New here.

Quick question: Would setting up an EBAY store elimnate auction listing fees?

Thanks in advance

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5 Oct 07 10:36:32 am
Not sure...I believe there is a reduction in the listing fee...goes down to like .05 etc but they get you on the back end...higher percentage 10% tiered down to like 5% etc if you sell something..

I was thinking of going that route if you have a lot of products...you can also leave them on there for 30 days or more i think

big downside though is I dont think the item listed would come up on a general search if it is listed in the store unless there is 30 or less of the same items listed????

dont know what they mean by that...but I think that you would have to list one of the store items on an auction separately, and then when somebody clicks on the item, they would be directed to your store...another way of ebay generating revenue...lol

dont take this as gospel as I just read through it quickly the other day...go to ebay stores for further research...vic

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6 Oct 07 08:15:02 am
It would cut the costs of listing hundreds of items in your store but they get you on the final value fees. Thier final value fees are higher then thier auction final value fees.

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9 Oct 07 06:27:18 am
He's right the final value fees are higher than auction fees and if you have only the basic store ($19.95 a month) your listings are 'rarely' put in with auction listings.

If you upgrade to a premium store you pay $49.95 per month and you get 24/7 access to toll-free customer support, Free Marketplace Research Basic and Selling Manager Pro, 2500 marketing emails per month (to send flyers, etc.), 5 custom pages in your store and eBay header reduction and also an Advanced Traffic Reports data to see exactly what your buyers are doing in your Store. Your store listings are also placed more often with regular auction listings.

You can also go more advanced and upgrade to an Anchor store for $299.95 a month and get all that plus Free Marketplace Research Pro and Picture Manager, 'Maximum visibility on eBay', Highest level of access to marketing, customization, and reporting tools. The anchor store are the ones you usually see most often with store listings within auction listings.

I have had a premium eBay store for a year and there are pros and cons. I like listing my items with a Buy it Now price instead of hoping for a good auction and the listings are 30 days long and you can set your preferences to have the listing automatically renew every 30 days until it is sold so that saves time with relisting if something doesn't sell. My listing fees run about .06-.50 per item which is cheaper than an auction list but the final value fee is more if you sell for more. I recommend the store if you have at least 50 items but you should also list some auctions as well to promote your store page. When a buyer opens an auction listing it won't take them to your store page but you can advertise something like 'more items available in my store' or 'find great prices in my store' and eBay let's you set up hyperlinks to any of your pages within your store so you can cross reference similar items. Hope this helps

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9 Oct 07 06:41:56 am
This link will help too. It compares auction listings vs. store listings. Just remember it is written by eBay so I am sure there are not 100% impartial.

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11 Oct 07 07:07:58 pm
My wife opened a store and it has worked out well. 'It costs money to make money'. We still do auctions. It is a combination that you have to figure out and also use the cross marketing avenues that Ebay provides. If you are a good ethical seller, dont mind hard work, and have a little business sense you can do well with Ebay.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

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13 Oct 07 07:23:17 am
In my opinion, I would not ever go this route unless you are holding the stock and have more than 100 items.

I still wouldn't go this route however.


Because its $49 out of your pocket, to eBay or uBid to try to do your business for you.

And only you know how to do your business. The individuality is key, its what matters!

What if you could get the same, just by going a different route?

How about not using anything at all except the base listing fee, ie: value pack?

You can do such a thing. Listings cost on average $1.70-$5.00 this way on high items.

Then you're not using their extra 'shuffle' to try to make a 'profit'

You can make the profit immediately instead. Put your items onto your 'OWN' store, hosted on a website somewhere for free. There's plenty of places to host for free.

List them all at once, then in any auction/page include a link back to your store.

You'll be shocked and amazed......as you drive traffic like a freight train to your store, people from all over will buy. And only you were able to do this not them. Your individuality caused your store, wherever that is, to become an instant overnight & weekly success.

What if you could, triple & then QUADRUPLE the traffic you send to your store?

And then what if you could list 'ALL' the products at once, even if it was only 20?

The possibilities are endless. And you pay nothing. No monthly fee VS

$49 and the eBay/uBid folks trying to take over and tell you what to do or control everything. No thanks, if you get a break run with it. Freedom is one of the biggest things we take for granted.....Hold onto it

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13 Oct 07 08:11:39 am
Yes, Ebay give with 1 haND AND TAKE WITH THE OTHER...I have a store but I list individual items because the FVF are less!


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