eBay suspended and removed my listings - Help!

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3 Jun 07 06:03:40 pm
i tried to logon to eBay--says invalid user information--also cannot find an item i listed last night although i can find other items i have for sale and items i have bid on--i have not received any notices from eBay --does anybody know what is going on---i am still registered

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4 Jun 07 05:34:51 am
Ebay has been doing alot of work lately and there have been many bugs and problems. Its possible the listing just died lol. I had one of my accounts frozen for 2 days and had an invoice sent to me for $5,357 when 2 days earlier the balance was $37 . I contacted the 24 hour help line and they told me it was a glitch in the invoicing process and that they were having many issues to to recent changes to the site. They told me within a few days it would straighten itself out.

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5 Jun 07 03:48:55 am
I noticed it happening at OTHER places, NOT just eBay!

Beware if its happening at Paypal, uBid or any other place used for commerce.

Then you know it is HACKERS and its definitely not bold to say so, all sorts of phishing scams are going around.

A BIG WARNING: If you get an email from Paypal or anybody, even Stormpay asking for your personal information do not even click on it!

Delete it and report it for phishing (law enforcement).

If you click on it, some people have been known to have viruses or accounts compromised.

Better to be extra safe than sorry for just not reading it right. Also one other issue you must look at....

When Paypal appears to be down during the day or night lately, and you login to your account and it asks you to update all your information and private security number etc etc....

DO NOT DO IT! That is most likely a part of a phishing scam. Even if its not, Paypal will never ask for that information. The only time commerce sites need your personal information, is when there is a dispute in progress and you have already talked to them on the phone.

Thank goodness GooglePay will be here soon with a hundred times better service, speed, and security for any business owner. :o


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