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EBID? Seems to be on the move or is it worthwhile?

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29 Sep 06 07:28:55 pm
I've been watching EBID Canada site,have not joined but it looks to be growing l leaps and bounds with lower fees all round.
I've on Ebay( feebay) for a couple years but profit margins are disappearing surprise! Anyone have any responses selling EBID store or auction?? HHHMMMMM.......

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14 Nov 06 05:33:03 pm
I had an account on eBid, they banned me there because some buyer was asking about selling them a PS3. I guess eBid thought I was going to cancel the auction and sell to the buyer, but that is not my intention. So now I decided to continue my sales on sell.com an iOffer, yahoo auctions where I noticed better sales.

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17 Nov 06 08:58:51 am
I have sold about 30 items on ebid but it is terribly slow and their lack of sellers tools(eg invoice) does'nt compare to ebay


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