Esnipe - Is it against the rules

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18 Jan 09 04:22:12 am
Does anyone know if using a service such as Esnipe to bid on Ebay items is in violation of any Ebay policies. I tried to use Esnipe today and Ebay security flagged my account as being compromised and locked me out. I talked to security and they said they saw someone from another location try to access my account (esnipe), so they shut down my account. Apparently, Ebay now watches your account 24/7 and logs the locations from which you access your account. I didn't mention tat iht was esnipe trying to place a bid because I wasn't sure if it was allowed. Does anyone know for sure if esnipe is okay to use? Thanks!

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18 Jan 09 05:04:10 am
There are a ton of snipers out there. As far as I know there are no rules about using a bidding service or program

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