Everyone's #1 Question: What To Sell?

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26 Feb 16 07:01:08 am
“What to sell?” This is one of the most if not the #1 question we get asked in support. And we truly understand that this is indeed a very big question and quite important as it is a crucial factor for your success as an online entrepreneur.

A key factor is discovering a niche. What is a niche? Niche products are products that have remained undiscovered for the most part, so the competition is low to non-existent. This makes them hard to discover because you have to do the digging to try and find one, but can be rewarding when if you do because demand outstrips supply.

Finding a niche is not always that easy so you have been forewarned - this is not a get rich-quick scheme! Although some sellers do get lucky the first try. But for those who need a bit more help, you can always start by offering a variety of products instead of focusing on just one product. This can help you discover which items are better sellers and can start narrowing your list. Or if selling a wide variety of products work for you you can continue doing so - this is true for giant chains like a Walmart and Kmart. Very simple philosophy behind this approach - the more products you have for sale the higher your chances of landing a sale.

The Elusive Niche Hunt

For beginners we often suggest a bit of experimentation like - Selling something from around your home. This is often the best way to start out especially if you have not sold anything yet. Selling things from around your home is a good start and this will help you practice how to list - write your product titles and descriptions as well as have first hand chance in learning how to effectively photograph your products. If you are selling on eBay, this is an effective way of building your feedback. With a feedback rating below 10, it is going to be difficult to get people to take you seriously. The first 100 sales are the hardest as buyers look for high feedback as reassurance that they can trust the seller. Generally, the higher your feedback, the better - with powerseller status being the ultimate goal.

Nothing beats knowledge gained from experience and selling stuff from around the home is the best way to get it without any risk. After some practice with goods from around the home, I recommend buying small wholesale lots of products that most people use on a daily basis.

Should you sell the most sought after products on eBay or Amazon? The easy answer would be a yes! It may sound like a good idea in contrast to having to hunt down your own niches but remember the more sought after the item the higher and stiffer is your competition since many seasoned sellers are already selling this very product! Makes sense? A niche may not necessarily be a highly sought after product - it can be any regular product without a steady chain of supply in any given market :)

This is quite true for the highly saturated market of electronics. We have one too many new sellers who readily jump into this market, thinking that the demand is so high they can easily score a sale. Wrong! For beginners especially - Stay away from electronics unless you know the market quite well already. There is just too much competition to make this your initial selling market.

Product suggestions?

Here are some tips from other posts which you might find helpful :)

beachdisney wrote:Gourmet Food is a huge seller on eBay and Amazon. You can establish customers and treat them to good customer service you will build repeat business.
Another good seller is apparel. So what if it is last years style? Who will know or care?
Here is another great one. Find a need and meet it. Try to create your own product.
The point is to keep trying.

Link hidden: Login to view is also a great way to beat your competition. A bundling technique is more commonly used when trying to negotiate a purchase deal on multiple items. For example, the seller wants $20 a piece for an item, but has 6 in total. So you make a bundled offer, instead of buying one, you take multiple at a reduced unit price, perhaps 3 for $50 and so on.

Here are more product categories for you to look into:

Clothing: flannel burp cloths, Levi's pants, sports jerseys, leggings
Kitchen: vacuum cleaners, mixers/blenders, microwaves, compact washers, freezers
Beauty: sunscreen, insect repellent, cosmetic & toiletry bags, men's grooming
Video Games: Mario Bros games, game controller, ps4 games
Cameras: DSLR, digital cameras, polaroids, GoPro
Hobbies: crafting scrapbooking, collectors

What tools can you use to help you find potential niches?

Here are a few tools that may help uncover your niche:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Just remember not to make the mistake that many new sellers commit - selling anything and everything that is being sold by everyone else. Due diligence will be worth every minute you spend on it!

Hope this post helps you in deciding on your first (or first few) product. Good luck and here’s your success!


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8 Feb 17 04:08:25 pm
Many thanks for international sellers that would like to use Amazon as platform, do you know of any tools that provide some sales volume per items? how many reviews will be considered okay? if the average is below 4 still will it be an item to consider.

If we use Amazon fulfillment center almost all gain are moved to Amazon what will be the role of thumb in that case

Many thanks


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9 Feb 17 09:00:10 pm
Hi Shimon and welcome to the forum,

You may be interested in checking out Link hidden: Login to view. I don't have any personal knowledge of it and this most certainly isn't a recommendation, but it is marketing as an Amazon research tool, so might be something that could give you some insight into your questions.

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