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22 Jul 14 11:14:18 pm
Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin, and I'm a new member of Salehoo. I just got out of college not too long ago, and I work a full-time job. I want to be able to become a full-time online retailer for office supplies. I created a site, and I was wondering if I can get some feedback from this experienced community.

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Without much criticism, I already am thinking about several things. I want to put something in regards to policies such as returns, warranties, security, and such but that seems like a lot of stuff to put down. I was wondering if there was a any place that I can get a better idea of what to put down in regards to that. Some bigger sites (big box stores) have those policies down, but i don't think a simple copy and paste will do.

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23 Jul 14 04:43:43 am
Hi Kevin,

I have to say that I like the design, very on trend and looks great. That really does display a confident and very strong image, exactly what you are wanting to show customers.

Couple things I have noticed with it currently, I'll go through each point below.

1. Main Menu - I don't really understand what that's there for. You have the menu options located right beside it, so it really doesn't seem to serve
any function, apart from confusing customers.

2. Your landing page message - You mention "I" quite a lot. I would suggest dropping the focus on "I" and switching that to "we" if you have to
mention it at all. If customers think you are a one man/woman business, then that design branding you have created isn't as effective as it
could be.

To be honest, I would drop the message as it stands all together and put a nice simple welcome to ...., that's all you need.

3. Category layout - I would alter your category layout, where you have accessories first in line. I would alter that to have the more important
products listed first, those that are your core market.

4. The item displays - need more pics for sure, currently very baron. Customers don't warm to the old "no image available" very well. No images
available doesn't scream professional, so that gets back to backing up your professional design branding and making sure you follow that
through to make it as effective as possible.

I think addressing those 4 points is a great place to start :)

Mark (fudjj)

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25 Jul 14 03:35:38 am
Hi Kevin,

Here are a few items to add to Marc's comments above:

1. About us page
It could use more information about your history or previous online experiences that directed you to come up with this site
It's nice how you have the comments portion for your customers to leave feedback about your company.
It would help if you also create a testimonials page once you are set up for good reviews and the like.

2. Contact us Page
Although we do the same in terms of creating a page where customers can send us emails via our site, it would also be best to add in a few more information such as a support email address that uses your own domain, your store location or address, and or your phone number, too.

Once you have everything set up. We would be happy to look around again and provide you more feedback.

Good luck! :)


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