Finding a Niche for Beginners

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25 Jun 15 10:55:10 pm
The majority of advice articles i've read for anyone starting an online selling/dropshipping business always recommends to "Find a Niche Market". Whether it is electronics to collecibles, it has been the main first step the "experts" suggest in starting with when it comes to selling products online. But when I browse through ebay or amazon sellers, i notice that most of them have a broad range of products. Almost superstore like in variety and span when it comes to products. Why is this? does it work like a catch all?

I find it to be contradictory. and how do they make any money being a clone of one another having the same Walmart style store?


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29 Jun 15 12:43:30 am
Two completely different animals, but both can be effective.

Large variety chains like a Walmart, Kmart and so on, all work because of variety. Very simple, the more products on shelves increases your chances of a sale. So while you have much more competition, your counting on numbers making the sales and that's no different to online sales vs bricks and mortar sales.

A niche product is a product that has remained undiscovered for the most part, so the competition is low to non-existent. This makes them hard to discover because you have to do the digging to try and find one, but can be rewarding when if you do because demand outstrips supply.

They are the essential philosophies between the two.

Of course if you could combine the two, listing a variety of niche products, then you may well have hit pay dirt BIG TIME. Unfortunately, finding golden Chicken teeth may be easier to do.

Mark (fudjj)

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6 Jul 15 12:12:50 pm
Hi M,
Just saw your post. I'm of the find a niche variety of seller. As just one person, my goal is just to make my family comfortable, not to build an empire. The niche has worked well for me. If you've got any specific questions, I'm always willing to help!
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