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19 Feb 07 05:19:31 am
Hey jimmy, just outta curiosity, whats your ebay id?

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19 Feb 07 10:39:45 am
Thanks for your curiosity But I will not give out my usernames anymore. I did that once here an was flooded with messages through ebay message service from salehoo members. Within 2 days I had 43 messages from salehoo members asking me how I started Selling my products and how I got my powerseller logos all over my auction ads without using html.

It was decided that I would not give out my username anymore because this interfeared with my communications with bidders. I try to keep 150 auctions running at all times and that generates at least 20-30 questions about items each day.

I also got my first negative feedback after 2 years by a buyer with the same username as a member of salehoo. That is the primary reason I wont do this anymore. They purchased a cheap item from me then left a negative feedback without even contacting me stating they never recieved thier product even though delivery confermation says otherwise. To this day I have not heard from that bidder.

If your looking for some kind of validation to my sales im sure there are several members that already know at least one of my usernames on ebay.

And if you know how to browse the forums the post is still there If you really have to know :D

But just a note if you do find it. Dont message me through ebay ask seller a question. You can pm me here if you have a question direct for me

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