Free ways to promote a website - feedback anyone?

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24 Aug 10 11:39:58 pm

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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24 Aug 10 11:48:19 pm
Hey xnarfx,

Here's a related post you might be interested in reading -

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All the best!

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24 Aug 10 11:52:42 pm
Thanks :)

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27 Sep 10 09:38:58 pm
Hi xnarfx,

Here are other free ways to drive traffic to your site:

- Try to set up an email newsletter on your website. If you keep in touch with your existing customers it will definitely encourage repeat sales and word of mouth advertising (they can tell about your store to their friends and relatives).

- Make use of search engine optimization. Create a blog with interesting content about your site.

- Submit your product listings to Google product search Link hidden: Login to view

- Set up an affiliate program

- Manually submit your site to the top search engines: Excite, Alta Vista, Yahoo, Hotbot and Lycos. You can use one of the FREE automatic submission services like *SubmitPlus* to handle the smaller search engines.

- Actively promote your site, tell about it to your friends, family and acquaintances. Leave business cards and flyers to to small businesses in your community. You may offer some freebies if they visit your site.

Hope this helps. :)

All the best!


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27 Sep 10 10:55:51 pm
And don't forget the power of social media - be it a fan page of Facebook or a regular twitter on your twitter account. These are sure fire ways of getting the word around about your products or business.

Another one its submitting product reviews on - when you review other people's product/s you get free exposure just as long as you won't forget to add a link to your store in your Amazon profile.

Hope these help! :)


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