Generic brand iPhone accessories vs. branded, which one has higher profit margins?

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2 Mar 11 02:07:32 pm
Hi everyone,
I'm about to sell some iphone accessories but i am struggling in choosing the branded ones or non-branded.
For the non branded ones, i found tones of sellers who's already doing so for a cheap wholesale price(like sourcing from alibaba), im sure i cant compete with them on price.

And for the branded ones(thats what i'm more interested in), i spend a lot of time but hardly get any source, i think the big brands only would wholesale to bigger seller/company? I just don't know how to get the source.

so i'm stuck in, thinking which one should i go. i'm afraid of investing the money in the non-branded ones but finally i can't compete and get nothing in return.

So which one would have higher profit margin actually?

Any advices would be very appreciated!


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3 Mar 11 12:11:43 am
Hi coffeebucks,

Welcome to SaleHoo! :)

In my opinion, competition-wise, you will have a better footing if you pursue branded iPhone accessories. There will always be discerning consumers who will look for the authentic branded ones, and your supply will set you apart from the hordes of generic iPhone accessories in the market. It also follows that you can create a higher profit margin, offering something not easily found everywhere. Although a lot of fake branded accessories are being offered at Alibaba and DHGate, you can highlight the difference in your products by providing a clear description and proofs of authenticity. :)

This supplier has the Griffin iPhone accessories - Link hidden: Login to view

You can also check out these suppliers - Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Let us know if you need further help :)

All the best!


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3 Mar 11 12:54:20 am
Hi and welcome coffeebucks, nice to have you with us :)

Irene's right, it would be better to sell the authentic ones as compared to the generic accessories. But this may depend on the market you want to cater to, there may be people who want to buy Apple accessories but others may also prefer the non-branded ones that work just as well.

Personally, I think your profit would depend greatly on how you market your products whether you decide to sell authentic Apple accessories or go for the generic ones. Just be sure that you are selling compatible non-branded accessories and not copies/fakes. You have to be sure about this as you might end up compromising your business. Be wary when you deal with Chinese suppliers, avoid any products that have a logo or name or anything of the slightest that may denote the product is "Apple" (this goes for any other product brand).

Here are a few suppliers that may have the products you are interested in -

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

All the best :)


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