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8 Feb 07 07:21:24 pm
Heads up! This is insane, but it's real.

We all know that back in the 90s, eBay burst onto the scene and EXPLODED into a multi-billion dollar company.

Well, even though it made a lot of people stinky-rich, we kinda' missed that boat. BUT, I've found a brand-new way to easily share the wealth that eBay is still creating.

Just join for FREE. Then, every time you buy something from eBay, you'll get up to 36% of the SELLERS's fees as cash back.

But, here's where it really gets good: We can also refer friends and earn a percentage of the seller's fees when THEY shop online--forever. We can even earn on the referrals of our referrals and so on.

Think about that for a sec: eBay makes BILLIONS each year in seller's fees and they are making over a third of that available to us through the loyalty program!

This is creating an entirely new eBay economy and we're in early! In a short time, you and I could be earning cash each time thousands of people shop on eBay.

I know I'm not missing that boat again!

Anyway, check it out. It takes a minute to sign up, and it's ALWAYS FREE.

E-Mail me at the address below so i can get credit and you can start getting yours!!! YAY

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8 Feb 07 08:09:32 pm
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