Getting my ecommerce business going

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21 Sep 07 05:05:33 am
Hi All Members,
Well I started my e-commerce business and have a website up and running for a two months now. I also have tracking on it and so far it shows about 14700 visitors. I offer free S/H and 10%off and my prices some are low and high; compare to others sites.
I've only had one sale and that was to my family,lol. Anyway I would appreciate any advice from all of you (successful or not) cause any advice would be helpful. I tried those mailing lists order 50000 that was a waste,lol. I have ads in several free classified and some visitors from it.
I'm not giving up;I'll succeed. My goal is to open a storefront once I make enough money. Getting a loan is IMPOSSIBLE. Thanks for reading.

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21 Sep 07 11:11:04 am
What are you selling? Whats the URL pm me and ill take a look am I web designer...I can give you some advise for FREE!

Buying traffic is always a waste of time and money - the reason being its so untargeted.

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21 Sep 07 10:41:03 pm
I would use Google adwords

All other ideas i have tried have failed. I now own a shopfront in Spain and many of my suppliers come from salehoo.
Now i use google adwords and it has made a differents.

Anybody else expeienced google adwords ?


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